Our Plan for the Year - a Message from the Early Learning Director

This year at First Place Early Learning Center, our goal is to promote every child's individual development using an appropriate mix of learning activities that possess values that encourage educational excellence. We use a research based curriculum that encourage child lead activities that surrounds themes and studies for them to explore.

 While some children may recite their alphabet at age 2, others may not until age 3. While some children may be drawing pictures of trees and people at age 4, others may not do so until age 5.

Why such discrepancies? The reason is that all children grow and develop, for the most part, in the same order but go through the stages at their own pace.

As Early Childhood Educators, it is our responsibility to know the stages children go through at different ages. 

Children grow and develop rapidly in the first five years of life. Every day routines and play times provide rich opportunities for young children to learn.

We are here to support our children with  practical and enjoyable ways to help them learn as they play and explore their world. To guide their play and be creative, while growing up healthy, strong, and happy.

-Carolyn Brown, First Place Early Learning Director