Your gift to First Place will make a difference today.

It might be as simple as purchasing a supply kit for the 1st grade science experience or clay and modeling materials for a 4th grade art project for $50. Maybe its as complex as helping to guarantee safe transportation for all students for a week or teacher enrichment in the latest technology for math learning for $5,000. Or maybe you're gift of $500 will make it possible for every First Place student to participate in the Outreach Program to Islandwood. Whatever you give today, know that it is important and vital.

Make sure the children who hold our future are well supported and families have the best possible opportunity for success in life. 

To date First Place has educated and helped over 2,000 children and their families. With academic rigor, fun, excellence and creativity as our lens - how we learn, experience and play educating children everyday makes First Place a very special place. Your gift today is vital and appreciated.