Doreen Cato Early Learning Center

The leaders and staff of the Doreen Cato Early Learning Center believe that all children are brilliant. Every child who joins our community is cared for and loved, while being immersed in a rich, culturally responsive learning environment. 

Why Early Learning?
Leading educators and neuroscientists know that early learning experiences help young children’s brains develop. Three- and four-year-old children have flexible brains that readily respond to new words, ideas, sounds, and experiences. We leverage the strengths of young learners by exposing them to the arts and music, interactive play, and enrichment experiences – all designed to support vocabulary development, early literacy (reading), and early numeracy (arithmetic and mathematical concepts).

Our Approach
Our educators believe that great teaching is built on strong relationships with young learners and their families. We work closely with parents and caregivers to jointly guide each child's progress. We affirm the children in our care and respect their diverse cultural backgrounds.

Our Techniques

We apply evidence-based techniques that include frequent observation of young learners, interaction through the arts and kinesthetic experiences, along with traditional teaching methods.  We use The Creative Curriculum®. Our goal is to use multiple methods to equip young children to learn for a lifetime.

We're now enrolling ages 3 and 4 for Preschool beginning Fall 2019!!  

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