Why We Offer Housing Programs

Stable housing is an integral part of achieving long-term stability and helps the whole family feel safe. Children who have a place to call home can better focus at school because they aren’t worried about where they sleep at night. Their parents also feel more stable and ready to focus on getting a job and reach their family goals.

Our current housing programs include:

Homelessness Prevention: Rental Assistance: First Place has limited funds to provide rental assistance to families who are facing eviction. This program is intended for families who need to overcome a one-time problem that prevents them from paying rent.  If you are a family needing assistance and you live in Seattle, we recommend you call 211 and they will refer you to an agency for rental assistance funds.  To learn more about how you can receive funds, visit our Additional Resources page.

Service-Enriched Transitional Housing: We also have a limited number of apartments to place families while they are in transition between temporary housing and finding permanent housing. Families living in our housing can choose to enroll their children into First Place education program.

Service-Enriched Low-Income Housing: Thanks to federal and state funding, First Place programming includes placing families  with school-age children in low-income housing.